Happy New Year

The start of the New Year here in New England has been a little dreary. I woke up this morning to a slushy coating of winter mix. I much prefer the snow to slush and ice. Today there is a raw chill in the air that seems to penetrate down into your bones which does not seem to happen when it is snowing. Also snow is much easier to drive in, although I try to avoid driving in either. Working from home definitely make evading driving in bad weather much easier. 

The nor’easter that dumped a foot of snow here a few weeks back did not bother me one bit.  I have two teenage boys that can shovel and I was able to stay in and enjoy the peacefulness of the falling snow. The is something so comforting in watching the flakes drift to the ground.  

On days like today, my preferred sweaters are warm and chunky with skinny jeans and one my favorite Frye boots . To date my all time favorite sweater to wear it the Sunday Cardigan by Petiteknit. Honestly, I want to knit every single one of her patterns. They all have such a classic design that will never go out of style.  I love sitting snuggled in it sipping coffee. 

This was the first sweater I knit with Mohair held with another yarn. And the yarn I used with the mohair is delightful. It is a blend of wool and alpaca, and with the mohair, it is the warmest combination. It doubles as a winter jacket when I do not want to wear my heavy parka.  I used Valley Yarns Southhampton and Becket both in the fawn color way. It is the perfect cool tan that does not wash me out.  Also can we take a moment to appreciate there Coconut Shell buttons I purchased from Supplies Sundries. She has quite a few buttons and beads for all different styles.  

The next two patterns I am eyeing from Petiteknit is her Oslo hat and the Sunday Sweater. I just have quite a few works in progress to get through first. 

What is your favorite item to snuggle up in when the weather is cold and raw?  


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