Cozy Oversized Sweater


I don’t know about you, but I hate wearing winter jackets. There are times I feel like I am wearing a straitjacket… Not that I have ever had to wear one to be able to accurately make that assessment 🙂 Lately, I have been loving thick, warm sweaters that do not restrict your movement. 

I have just finished knitting Sweater No. 9 by  My Favourite Things Knitwear.  I may never take this sweater off. 

I knit it using Alafosslipi yarn, that is made out of Icelandic wool. The Icelandic Sheep’s fleece is water-resistant thanks to long, glossy outer fibers and the soft inner fibers resist the cold. This wool makes the perfect sweaters to keep you warm during the cold Northeast winters and the water-resistant trait makes it great for snowy days.  I ill most likely not wear it in the rain, might end up smelling like my dog when he is wet 🙂 The only down side to this wool is it is scratchy on the skin, but that is easily remedied by wearing a long sleeve t-shirt underneath. 

Probably, my favorite detail of the sweater is the sleeves.  The balloon shape is perfect especially with the Icord bind off. I love nice wide sleeves, but being a klutz, I end up making a mess of bell shape sleeves. By the end of the day they have been dipped in drinks and all of my meals. Is this just me? Please tell me it is not just me… Not sure how anyone can eat with bell shaped sleeve and stay neat. I think that type of person but be very graceful and elegant; neither of those words could be used to describe me. The sleeves on this pattern have you cinch in the ends so there is no extra material for me to make a mess of. 

Due to the bulky weight yarn, this sweater knits up quickly. With it’s simple, classic design and well written pattern, it is perfect for a beginner knitter. I love wearing it with legging or skinny jeans and the shape would be flattering on all different body shapes. 

What do you wear to keep warm in the cold winter month? Do you prefer jackets or swearers? 



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